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As you are well aware of, it is true that there are so many praiseworthy episodes between Taiwan and Japan. This means how close 日台関係 has been even after WW2.

In the meantime, we are apt to take it for granted that 日台関係 is as firm as a huge rock. Will it be really same for generation onwards?

While we make much of the history, the past is only the past, we have to face each other and to foresee the future plan. “Rome is not built in a day”is applicable to 日台関係 which we expect will continue to be closer also for the years to come.

Taiwan先生, your well learned yet practical way of life is full of instructive incentives not only for me but for the other Japanese longing for a decent life worth living. You are the real hero of Taiwan hiding your talent in obscurity. 保重身体, 下一次在日本見!(此項畢)

古川 宏 FURUKAWA Hiroshi

by ayanokouji3 | 2008-03-31 21:19 | Comments(0)  


It was 5 years ago that you showed to us your grand design for 台日一家 which sounded so ideal yet so attractive. And I wrote as follows;

Without the concrete and forward way of thinking, a man is no more than a living corpse. It was you that had ignited this hope, and I have been very grateful for you all these years.

What we aimed at is not a outcome in a substantial, material world, but a fruit in a higher mental world, such as mutual understanding from the bottom of our hearts, which may not be popular among lower class people.

I sincerely hope that you will not lose any hope for the future of Taiwan, and that you will continue to advocate a sort of 台日一家思想 in Taiwan, in your own way.

古川 宏 FURUKAWA Hiroshi

by ayanokouji3 | 2008-03-30 20:41 | Comments(0)  


To tell the truth, one of my friends suffered a lot from political turmoil between DPP administration and KMT. I sent out a letter to him yesterday, to 問好 as follows;

We, Japanese, already forgot hard times toward the present peaceful days in Japan, and do not want to know much about the nightmare of 228 or other tragic incidents happened in Taiwan before 80's.

In the meantime, I guess that in Taiwan some people's mind is going back and forth because political situation is against their ideal, after DPP failed to get 總統職.

Taiwan先生, do not fear anything, because you are living in the place where everything should be based on righteous standard, and not on the 一黨獨裁.

古川 宏 FURUKAWA Hiroshi

by ayanokouji3 | 2008-03-29 20:38 | Comments(0)  


I believe that Taiwan KMT administration will never be put in such a difficult situation as rejecting people out of Taiwan, just because they are doing a sort of negative campaign toward KMT.

We, Japanese, are accustomed to 性善説, therefore, we have no way but to watch carefully how new administraion shows off diplomacy for the neighboring countries.

Then, how about China? Frankly speaking, it is worthwhile for Mr. T to try to visit China before Olympics. If China is really so stubborn and intolerant that they do not allow Mr. T to come inside, we could say that they are not qualified as host country of Olympics.

Anyway, whom they accept or whom they do not accept do not count at all. If they really shut off the information from abroad systematically and if it works well, it is very serious. We have to pray for them.

古川 宏 FURUKAWA Hiroshi

by ayanokouji3 | 2008-03-28 21:49 | Comments(0)  


There is an optimism prevailing in Japan that Ma Yingjiu will not change the status-quo in terms of the relation with China. In other words, he will continue to build up better relationship not only with US but also with Japan.

Now that KMT won the 総統職, it is better for Japanese people to visit Taiwan frequently than ever, and to see the difference of policy between KMT and DPP.

Firstly, we will see how KMT handle 熊猫 issue properly or not. Secondly, how to widen the path to China economically. Thirdly, how to develop the identity of the people.

DPP failed in controlling the identity of the people, then will KMT control better than before? Can Taiwan people have genuine identity of their own, without relying on political powers? I will say that the people are not so good at pondering over far-off future, same as Japanese. But they know more than Japanese, how to behave themselves in order not to jeopardize their lives, I believe.

古川 宏 FURUKAWA Hiroshi

by ayanokouji3 | 2008-03-27 20:02 | Comments(0)  






古川 宏 FURUKAWA Hiroshi

by ayanokouji3 | 2008-03-26 20:22 | Comments(0)  






古川 宏 FURUKAWA Hiroshi

by ayanokouji3 | 2008-03-25 21:14 | Comments(0)  







竹下義朗 TAKESHITA Yoshiro

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ところで、今回、独立志向の民進党から、中台統一志向の国民党に政権が移る訳ですが、果たしてこの先、私は再訪台出来るのだろうか? 体制が支那寄りに振れる事で、何の問題も無く入境出来た台湾へ入境出来なくなる事は無いだろうか? 何時(いつ)再訪出来るかは分かりませんが、次の機会にも恙(つつが)なく台湾の土を踏める事を切に願いつつ、今回の訪台記を締め括ろうと思います。(了)

竹下義朗 TAKESHITA Yoshiro

by ayanokouji3 | 2008-03-24 22:49 | Comments(0)  






古川 宏 FURUKAWA Hiroshi

by ayanokouji3 | 2008-03-24 20:09 | Comments(0)