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2003年 05月 21日 ( 2 )




  • To a Taiwanese

    Received your e-mail with great interest. It reminds me of the memories that I have lost for a long time paricularly about Formosa affairs, including historical aspects. In 1993, when I visited Taiwan, I did not feel that it was foreign country. Rather, taste looked like very close to Japanese, from the society system to the people's way of thinking. Taiwan was almost the same as I had expected. In 1994, after I had learned that some older generation Taiwanese published 台湾万葉集, I sent it to my mother who has had 短歌 hobby since childhood. My mother was very interested in the high level of 作風, and impressed how older generation Taiwanese 懐念 former Japan. I have to tell you that all Japanese who have a certain level of historical knowledge about former Taiwan, sympathize with present Taiwan. Kakuei Tanaka's decison in 1972 regarding restoring relationship with Communist China dropped the decent and adequate measures to Taiwan who had been one of the best friend for Japan after World War 2. It was a great mistake that Japan has to compensate for future by all means. This compensation should be proved in coming crisis as to the Formosa Strait.


  • From a Taiwanese

    I agreed with you. 但我必須直言, 米國在支持台灣的立場上明顯比日本強太多了.作為一曾經是植民地國家之國民, 我父親及我均認為日本政府, 國會,及軍方沒有一絲感情存在彼此心中, 遺憾之至, 無以對之.


  • To a Taiwanese


    1. 精神上、228事件対台湾人民肯定是永遠忘記不了的「悪夢」罷。我回憶、93年去台湾時、剛々有名起来。回国后、向父母説明了台湾人為此不喜歓蒋父子的事情。父母慨嘆説、原来是這様矣。

    2. 将来、共産党委托台湾内的共産党分子開始辧併呑台湾的手続。為了対抗這箇内部策動、要很大的努力、同時須要外国勢力理解。但是関鍵還在中国内政。不知道将来如何変動、所以要準備好。


  • From a Taiwanese

    我們已有專門單位督促貴國制定類似米國之台灣關係法. 針對"週邊有事" 將台灣納入, 貴國尚未作出最後決定. 但中國一定會阻止. 如果貴國順從中國之聖旨, 我們必了解. 今後 '週邊有事' 日本不會對台灣這個過去曾是自己植民地的人民伸出援手. 我們只有靠自己, 武器方面, 我們會請求米國支援.


  • From a Taiwanese

    Except the constitutional and unconstitutional issues, the restoration of ranks among the arm forces including the Imperial Army, Navy, and the Air Force.

    The current "self-defence" sounds like we take everthing that our enemy ets for us.

    The Americans will sooner or later leave for home (good or bad that they have been with you for several decades since the war, put everything behind you and look forward to building up aglorious Japan again that we won't disgrace our forefathers).

    Whois going to protect Japan? We have to build up our arm forces immediately by getting all major incorporates together (Mitsubishi, Kawasaki Juko.....etc.)

    We'll need at least the following things ready that we may cope with the future issues raised or aroused again.

    1. 4-5 aircraft carriers (nuclear powered) 週邊有事

    2. both 戰術 與戰略 nuclear missiles to support our military and national defense.

    3. 12-15 nuclear submarines for strategic strike (the current diesel sub.with AIP is sufficient for another 10-15 years. The Chinese is also working on the AIP, too.

    4. the restoration of the Imperial and military systems, all schools and public offices shall sing the national anthem of KIMIGAYO, national flag and military songs shall be highly lifted and sang.

    5. the constitutional rights and obligations include all Taiwanese.(Taiwanshu,the state of Taiwan like Honshu, shikoku, kyushu).

      All Taiwanese speak Japanese as the national and official language.

      Taiwanese may pay less tax to the central government based upon the GNP.

      All Taiwanese are treated equal to the inlanders that no passport will be required when travelling.

    6. All Taiwanese arm forces and equipments remains the same as the coast guard or national guards(same as US), budget and emplyees will be cut down to a certain level.

      The national defense relies on the inlanders.

    There are a lot of things need to be discussed in detail.

    The above points are merely a draft as reference for all of us.

    If we go by referumdom, I assume that a lot of Taiwanese will vote for Japan.


古川 宏 FURUKAWA Hiroshi
士族家庭史研究会メールマガジン『父祖の訓へ』第24回 より)

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古川 宏 FURUKAWA Hiroshi
士族家庭史研究会メールマガジン『父祖の訓へ』第24回 より)

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